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Angry Birds Nest has stated that there is Angry Birds Cheetos 2, after the first one closed. It also has a poll about if there is a Angry Birds 2 in the works.

The upcoming Spring-themed episode for Angry Birds Seasons would be circus-themed.

Also, a few weeks ago, you probably know about that LucasArts has been closed down by Disney, the owner of Lucasfilm, as an internal developer on April 3, 2013, and laid off most of its staff. Development of video games based upon Lucasfilm properties, such as Star Wars, will now be assumed by Disney Interactive Studios or licensed to third-parties. The Star Wars games that were in development may resume outside the now defunct LucasArts, considering their development status. However, I don't know who will be working with Rovio on Angry Birds Star Wars now, as well as for if further updates would no longer show the LucasArts logo when you start the game.

A second chapter of Pig Tales has been added on Angry Birds Friends.

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