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NEW Angry Birds Friends on mobile - download for free!01:22

NEW Angry Birds Friends on mobile - download for free!

The trailer for Angry Birds Friends on mobile, including an animation of Red, Bomb and Chuck fighting on the podium stand.

Congratulations to Ben and Mel - from Angry Birds Friends!02:21

Congratulations to Ben and Mel - from Angry Birds Friends!

Rovio Creates Custom Angry Birds Level for Wedding Proposal

Recently, Angry Birds Friends has been released on iOS and Android. You need a Facebook account to play on it.

Also, an Angry Birds addict called Ben contacted the people of Rovio to help him propose to his girlfriend Melissa. Rovio's developers have agreed and made him a custom level with the message "Marry me Mel". Watch the video to found out if she agrees. Other people can also play the level, with AngryBirdsNest having a walkthrough and giving a big thanks to Ben becoming a new member of AngryBirdsNest. The article on the website also says about that we could twist Rovio's arm for a custom level for Nesters or a full game.

Recently, a new update of Bad Piggies has been released. It is called Rise and Swine, a pun on "Rise and shine". 15 new levels have been released, with 30 more coming soon. Suction cup tires and spring-loaded boxing gloves have been added, as well as an interesting new feature added to the iOS version of the Rise and Swine update is the ability to record videos in game using Everplay. Also, a new level for Road Hogs and Sandbox have each been added. Strangely, Rise and Swine has squeezed between the previous episodes, meaning that all the previous names are now wrong. AngryBirdsNest have said not to worry though, as they will update everything once they know this wasn't a mistake (doubtful that it was). The update has been released for iOS, Mac and Android via Google Play, with more platforms coming soon, and I hope it will be released for PC, as well as the current updates of Angry Birds Star Wars, Angry Birds Classic and Angry Birds Rio.

And also, while LucasArts, who worked with Rovio on Angry Birds Star Wars, was closed down by Disney in early April, Disney and EA have announced a multi-year Star Wars games agreement, meaning that we could get the Star Wars non-Angry Birds games that were in development, as well as more, but I still don't know who will be working with Rovio on Angry Birds Star Wars, as well as if the LucasArts logo will be removed for when you start the game.


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