• MazzonG4638

    Does anybody know what new game i would love to see. Angry birds Skylanders!!! Blues are Wrecking Ball, Bomb is Ghost Roaster, Red is Spyro, Chuck is Double Trouble, Stella is Cynder, Bubbles is Boomer, Al is Camo, Matilda is Hex, Mighty is Eye Brawl and now the pigs. Small pigs are troll pigs, Meduim and Large are Troll Minions, Moustache is Glumshanks, King pug is Kaos and Fat pig is THE DARKNESS!! The episodes would be

    1. In Skylands... 2. The Space Change 3. To the Portal 4. We Go In Portals 5. Leviathan Lagoon 6. Kaos Castle 7. Darkness shall Rise... 8. Back Home Again IAP is The Skyneima Golden eggs is The elementel Elements

    Hope you enjoy. Please make picutures to post if possible, Gabriel Mazzone.

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