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  • I live in a house, A very big house In the country
  • I was born on October 24
  • My occupation is stay away from the buhu-bugs
  • I am an X-Offender. They let me out in the summer.
  • Oakdaswagga
    (Sorry about bad grammar and other stuff)

    Alright,I'm really want to review this game for a long time.

    So the Angry Birds Blast! made me feel like i'm playing Candy Crush. But instead of swap candies. You have to pop the ballons to save the birds. there are other objectives as well. such as Pop the Pigs,Lift up balloons,Pop the balloon pigs etc.

    The difficulty of this game is similar to Angry Birds POP!. Some levels are hard and some levels are easy. The game is only available in certain countries as a soft launch. I hope that they release it in worldwide soon. 

    Alright that's it for today. Daswagga out.

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