OK, this is supposed to be made a very long time ago but as I'm too busy with homework and the PvZ Wiki so I can't make this, and I also don't have much experience of making a serious blog anyway.

Sorry guys but I have to leave the wiki, not because The Boomerang demoted me but it's because I'm so disappointed about Angry Birds. Its toons, the movie and ABEpic are the only things that are meaningful to me right now. Also, as I also got promoted as an admin in the Plants vs. Zombies Wiki, I have to manage things there.

Anyway, you should know the truth, which is, I was UNDERAGED. I was like 8 when I first joined the wiki! Welp, that explains how my edits are so childlish back then. Yeah, right, I was blocked in the PvZ Wiki for 24 days because of that too. The users there thought I was like 15 in the first place. But I grew maturer now, and I'm officially a teen. Sigh, it's weird how I joined 3 wikis and then got promoted into admin in all 3. :P

So, I'm glad that this wiki has finally discovered MediaWiki pages, and more html stuffs. I got to learn that when I first came to PvZ Wiki too. But, one thing, you guys forgot to change the wiki back to normal, while the PvZ Wiki has itself the Valentine theme already. I also learned some other skills on that wiki too, including editing pictures. Yep, I can transparentize and overlay them now, which means I can now easily make the wiki wordmark.

I will be inactive on the wiki, but not my user talk, so when you have anything to contact me you can still do it there.

And finally, thanks to all the staffs here, especially Boomerang and Hearts for helping me all along and the help of the other users on the wiki.

R.I.P. Angry Birds - We will remember you

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