After many changes and edits, our wiki now have more than 2300 pages! This number is very great but we can still make it greater with the new level pages and Angry Birds Stella pages. By the way, I'm very sorry about the cancel of the Daily Challenges.
Now, the two only games I've got are Angry Birds Epic and Angry Birds Stella - the newest game right now and I've completed all those. Now I'm copying the level and game's informations into the new pages to create it. I don't have enough time and there are about 250 users on this wiki, so I hope you can help us a hand because when the day called November 1st is coming, you will be confused of the new series of Toons and at December, Angry Birds Transformers will be released. Plus, there will be an update of Angry Birds Stella Episode 3 the Crystal Cave soon and the Angry Birds Comics are releasing new issues. More than that, Pig Days and Angry Birds Friends are making many season days and special tournaments. You will be very very, VERY confused about these new informations because you've to create more new pages. But there're a lot of users in this wiki so I hope everyone can help us a hand. Right now, we're all gonna be... Wiki Heroes!!! Let's help our wiki!

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