• Phineas Flynn29789


    June 11, 2011 by Phineas Flynn29789

    Hello, I won't be surprised this is the first blog on here. Anyways, I was looking at a promo video of Mine and Dine when I saw an unusual object hanging by a rope next to a pig with a jewel. It might and probably is something useless like those strawberries you see all the time, but the strawberrys (or bananas or peices of ham) are not usually tired up to a string/rope.

    It looks nothing like a "new bird", but it looks like a mask, a pair of trousers Now, this is not a golden egg, but I don't know why a golden nugget would be hanging there, unless it was something special.

    I don't think you would perch this on a slingshot and fly it into some pigs, but it could be something very useful.

    What do you think about this "U.H.O." or Uniā€¦

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