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The Angry Birds Seasons Mooncake Festival update (v1.6.0) is now available for iOS, Symbian and Android via the Android Marketplace and Amazon AppStore. It’s awesome to see so many platforms get the update at the same time! Hopefully the remaining platforms will see the update soon.

This update includes

  • 30 new levels, plus 3 bonus levels for tapping the Facebook button all themed for the Chinese Moon Festival.
  • 8 Hidden Pieces of mooncake that when found unlock a special mooncake level
  • 5 new “secret” achievements
  • Pro tip! Red lantern yields a 3,000 point bonus
  • The Summer Pignic Score Addict counter bug has been fixed!
  • The bug preventing users form accessing the Facebook levels in Go Green, Get Lucky and Hogs and Kisses has been fixed!
  • The Golden Egg numbering still shows up on the completion screen and is still incorrect.

Some helpful links (will redirect to Angry Birds Nest)

We will keep this page updated as more platforms come online and the walkthroughs, leaderboards, etc.

--The Pop is back! Bacaahhh! 01:49, September 3, 2011 (UTC)

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