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This episode turned out to be a surprise for me. For once, this is an episode that I enjoyed. I think that this is the best episode of AB Toons so far.

So now we know the everyday life of a pig. It's a very hard life, considering everyone sleeps in the same room on top of each other, you have to watch the king eat a cake if you're on throne-carrying duty, and you work so many hours a day that you can't celebrate your own birthday until it's time to sleep.

What I liked about this episode is that it actually had a meaningful plot. I pray that the rest, if not most of the upcoming episodes would be like this. What I also liked is that this episode shows that the Birds aren't the only characters who have a hard life, but so do the pigs. They actually do not seem that bad, they only look like innocent people following orders to fufil their king's desires. Otherwise, they could very well be protagonists along with the Birds later on in the series. The "common enemy" or "the enemy of your enemy is your friend" kind of thing.

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