This blog is a "News Update" post.
This blog post pertains to the general news of the Angry Birds Wiki and should be read in order to keep up with this Wiki's Standards.

Hey AB Wiki, sorry I was really inactive recently. I had some difficulties with my non-internet life, and again, very sorry I took months to get back on here.

I was slightly stressed out with both concentrating on here and my personal life, so I opted to take a break for a while to cool off, and come back to the wiki ready to get back to work. But since I live in an area where there's tons of snow in the winter, I lost power for a while. After fixing that issue, more of my personal life had me stressed out, so I had to deal with that as soon as possible.

Thank you to everyone who managed to keep the wiki in order while I was away.

If I didn't reply to anyone's messages, I will try to get back to you ASAP, and sorry for the extremely late response.

Very sorry to anyone who was inconvinienced by my abscence. However, I should be back to regular editing soon. Again, apologies to everyone.

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