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I feel like I'm being too authoritative, and making decisions I probably shouldn't have. I feel as if I'm ignoring what I'm supposed to be doing here.

I want to step back on making decisions for the wiki, and do what Wikia is all about: to let the community have a chance to decide what happens on the wiki. I propose to make a Community Corner of some sort to allow any user to vote for things and present new ideas to add to the wiki.

So, what do you think? Please give your opinions or suggestions in the comments below.

Update Jan 15

I strongly feel that a Community Corner should be created, because this wiki feels pretty empty, partially because users have left due to them not allowed to have a say in what goes on here. If users did have that chance, then maybe it'll help this place grow more.

One of the wrong desicions I've made was declaring that we have enough admins here. I've looked at other admins from different wikis, and they're doing much better than I am, because there's a lot of people helping out monitoring their site. I feel as if I'm shutting everyone out from helping here by denying them their suggestions and ideas.

I've tried to improve this wiki by enlarging the staff and opening up new positions, but then I realized that it was too late when I did. Too many people had left, probably because of me. If so, then it's my responsibility to improve this wiki as much as possible.

Support or Decline?

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