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I expected this episode to have something to do with dancing or singing at first, since the episode name slightly references to "Corbin Bleu".

I did not expect Matilda to be such a horrible cook to the point where a tree would rot and fall down. I would imagine the Bird with the best cooking ability to serve meals for the Flock, not the female. But seriously, that soup or stew or whatever Matilda cooked had skeletons, snails, and other bugs. But worms would be understandable.

I suppose people shoudn't get upset if others don't like their cooking, when all of that disgusting stuff is in there. I would guaruntee none of you who are reading this would eat any of Matilda's cooking. However, I will give kudos to Red for being a man by being the only one who ate the black slime.

And at the other end of the episode, we have our favorite villains, the Bad Piggies, failing once again to steal the eggs, and being as unintelligent as ever. Even though the first and the third pig were trapped and had no way out, I will say that the second pig is dumb for not dodging the boulder.

Overall, this episode was decent. Not too good, not too bad.

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