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Yay, Rovio is being consistent again. This time, it's Matilda acting as a mother-like figure to the rest of the Birds.

Previously, she was cooking a (disastrous) meal, and now she is disciplining the Blues for their mischievous behavior. However, she later does the exact same things as the Blues were when the Pig came to steal the eggs.

I have no problem with discipline, but being a hypocritical parent-figure does not exactly go smoothly. The Blues are only little kids, so I don't see why Matilda has to get so angry at kids for having fun. If it's for causing danger for the eggs, that should be no concern. Never once has an egg been shown to break as an effect of roughhousing with it in Angry Birds. Even if you play the game, it shows that a full force attack from Bomb nor Terence will break the eggs.

I did not like this episode because there was really no point to it.

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