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This episode was pretty random. All it was about is Red, Chuck, and Matilda making a big deal out of a prank played by the Blue Birds.

These three seem to be the strangest future parents I've ever seen. All three were pretty arrogant in the fact that they all envisioned the three unhatched birds to be of their own species. Red wants violent kids to help him fight the pigs, Matilda wants 2 gentle and caring kids and a three-eyed kid, and Chuck wants energetic kids.

Nevertheless, I find it strange that those three fall for something so obvious. And out of everyone who pulled the pranks, it was the Blue Birds. I would've thought that those three could distinguish a bird chirp from a saxophone. Also, the Chuck-bush monster didn't look very menacing, so I expected the Blues to look at him as they did in Full Metal Chuck.

Overall, I don't really know if my reaction was positive or negative. This episode was just...weird. But at the end, it looks like one of the eggs might be hatching soon.

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