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Well, the Committee Group project turned out successful. Now that I've expanded the staff a little bit, I'd like to open up more positions.

Hi AB Wiki. I come with another proposal to enlarge the staff here. The Committee Group was a jump start to this idea. I want to create more branches and extensions of the Staff, and have more people involved. The Committee Members are doing great at their job, and more staff members will hopefully improve this wiki and chase out unwanted vandals.

I call these extensions "Committee sub-groups". Each Committee Member supervises one sub-group, helping new members and setting an example for them. Of course, just like a Committee Member, we will have set requirements for sub-group members.

So far, I have 3 ideas for sub-groups:

  • Grammar Group - For those people out there who like cleaning up sentences, this group fixes grammar and spelling on pages.
  • Article Improvers - We have hundreds of vacant pages that need to be filled. These users can help us out with that.
  • Update Users - Whenever there's a new game, or other franchise, these users are our source to keep us updated on things.

This isn't an official statement, this is only an idea. Tell me what you guys think in the comments.

Update November 5, 2012

Now that SJB has ratified this idea, I will get to work soon.

Happy Editing,  Qazqaz555  Talk  Blog    : Contributions 

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