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Finally, Rovio shows a little creativeness in the episode title. For those of you who don't know what the phrase, "Full Metal" means, it describes someone who will stop at nothing to achieve his/her goal, which is what Chuck was trying to do in this episode.

Again, I applaud Rovio for rarely keeping something consistent: Chuck's personality. Once again, he is shown to be clumsy, and I hope Rovio will keep it that way. However, what I did not expect was that the Blue Birds were better at Chuck than apparently everything to make him dumbfounded. This ruined the episode for me, as if it was not for this aspect, this episode would be so much better. The Blues are supposed to be the weakest birds in the Flock, with the exception of Pink Bird/Stella. Again, another inconsistency, something that will probably pop up frequently.

It's already the third episode, and I see no plot at all. If I could decide anything that was going to happen in AB Toons, it would be an interesting plot. This would be the only sensible way to make inconsistencies, as with a plot, you can have character development, which changes the character's personalities.

Overall, the Blues ruined the episode. They shouldn't be better than Chuck at anything except for destroying glass/ice/whatever you call it. They're extremely arrogant in this episode, as they completely ignore Chuck and roll their eyes at him as if he was a novice. Otherwise, it was good.

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