Hello, AB Wiki. For those of you who don't know who I am, I'm Qazqaz555, a bureaucrat here.

As the title says, I am unsure if I want to continue editing on this wiki. It's been hard trying to work this wiki when it's under constant vandalism, and just when I was beginning to rebuild this wiki's staff, many of our best contributors have left. Not only that, our other two admins are inactive.

I also have a lot of other things I won't mention occuring in my daily life that hinders me from editing here more often. It's rare for me to even get on a computer now. It's just too much responsibility for me to handle all at once.

If things change, then maybe I'll remain here, but if things continue on like this, then I don't think I'll be able to edit here anymore. I need help deciding. Should I leave, or stay?

===Update August 22nd===

Thankfully, I can now access a computer much more often than before.

I'm thinking of staying here, because I later came to realize that this wiki is a target for vandalism because of its lack of staff. By rebuilding the staff, I think that we can tighten our defenses here. I know it's a lot to ask, and I am in no place to say this, but I ask of everyone who is reading this to please help out here as much as you can. If you need to study for school or anything else, stay with school, and only come on here if you know it will be okay. I'm not trying to encourage you to stay on here longer, I just want everyone to know that if we can pull this off, this wiki will grow, and be much better than before. But now, we're nowhere near that, and I need all of your help if I'm going to do this.

I know I'm going off topic here, but I just needed to say, that I'm nothing without everyone here. My powers as a bureaucrat, and my whole reason for being here means nothing, without you guys. This may sound ridiculous to some of you, but this wiki means a lot to me. It's where I got to know how everything works in wikia, and where I learned about wikia the most. If I just leave it like this, then everything I've done here would be for nothing.

If anything I just posted offended any of you, then I'm sorry. I may have been rude or unreasonable to some of you, and if you were one of those people, I'm sorry too. I just need to put this wiki back together, because it's my fault that it's like this. As many of you know, I caused many of our best contributors to leave this wiki, so it's my responsibility to put it back in order. The problem is, I can't do it alone.

If you are still in school, then please, focus on your studies. It's more important than what I'm doing here, but any assistance is greatly appreciated.

===Update August 26th===

I have decided to stay here. I thank everyone who helped out during my absence, namely Angry Hearts, Angry Bird Piggy and the brown bird.

As one wikia contributor mentioned to me, this wiki lacks level walkthroughs the most. I want to start a project involving the completion of the walkthrough. Details are here:

Again, thank you all who have helped here. I really appreciate it.

Qazqaz555 00:16, August 27, 2012 (UTC)

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