Angry Birds Toons Reviews

Chuck Time  · Where's My Crown?  · Full Metal Chuck  · Another Birthday  · Egg Sounds  · Pig Talent  · Cordon Bleugh  · True Blue?  · Do As I Say!  · Off Duty  · Slingshot 101  · Thunder Chuck  · Gardening with Terence  · Dopeys on a Rope  · Trojan Egg  · Double Take  · Crash Test Piggies  · Slappy-Go-Lucky  · Sneezy Does It  · Run, Chuck, Run!  · Hypno Pigs  · Eggs' Day Out  · Gate Crasher  · Hog Roast  · The Bird That Cried Pig  · Hamshank Redemption

I suppose I should give AB Toons another try.

So the mustache guy steals the Professor's plans, he creates a giant robot that could be effective combat against the Birds. But alas, the pigs will always have a flaw in their plans, and the mustache man loses control of his machine. Realizing that his behind will be busted once King Pig escapes from the robot, mustache man parachutes out, but lands in a volcano. The only funny part was when his mustache was burnt off.

Overall, pretty good.

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