Angry Birds Toons Reviews

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For once, this turned out to be a good bird episode.

So we have the Blues goofing off as usual, instead of helping Red, who seems to be the only bird in the entire flock who cares about the eggs. And we have the pigs who suddenly grew legs sneaking up behind a bush. And of course Red notices the pigs at the last possible second.

It seems that in certain situations, Red can be as fast as Chuck. It doesn't make sense why Red has no powers. He should have all of the Flock's powers, since he's the only one doing his job. Whereas the rest of the powered Flock seen so far don't care at all what happens to the eggs.

It turns out that the Blues are stronger than Red had thought; kids handling their own against villains is pretty rare. The Blues are lucky that although Red is strict, he is tolerant, and rewards them by letting them skateboard again, but he joins them this time.

I thank Rovio for finally making a good bird episode.