Angry Birds Toons Reviews

Chuck Time  · Where's My Crown?  · Full Metal Chuck  · Another Birthday  · Egg Sounds  · Pig Talent  · Cordon Bleugh  · True Blue?  · Do As I Say!  · Off Duty  · Slingshot 101  · Thunder Chuck  · Gardening with Terence  · Dopeys on a Rope  · Trojan Egg  · Double Take  · Crash Test Piggies  · Slappy-Go-Lucky  · Sneezy Does It  · Run, Chuck, Run!  · Hypno Pigs  · Eggs' Day Out  · Gate Crasher  · Hog Roast  · The Bird That Cried Pig  · Hamshank Redemption

So we have Chuck of all birds to guard the eggs. The clumsiest, the least intelligent so far, and now the biggest coward of the birds is assigned to do a critical job. Not a smart move by the birds.

On the other hand, the pigs seem to be getting smarter. The fake thunder and lightning was actually pretty clever, but their lack of common sense prevents them from swiftly stealing the eggs and quickly escaping. Instead, they joke around with their gong and lightbulb until they are caught.

However, Chuck can be serious when the situation calls, and once again dons the headband to enter his state of extreme speed. And then he saves the day.

Overall, it was pretty boring.

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