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Now the series introduces the Chef Pig, who, like the rest of the Pigs, is dumb. I wonder why the animators decided to put the chef pig in this episode instead of a usual Helmet Pig, which would make more sense. How would cooking skills benefit theivery? This seems like an error on the producer's part.

I'm glad that there is once again some consistency in this TV show. The Blues are more intelligent than they look, since they saw though the disguise right away, but played along to bring the pig into a false sense of security. Also, the Chef Pig is dumb for not taking the eggs while the Blues are distracted. Why send someone as a diversion if they're supposed to get the eggs? Diversions attract attention. The Chef Pig completely destroys the purpose of that distraction by making the distraction get the eggs.

Overall, this episode was again, meh.

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