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Hello Angry Birds Wiki!

Hello, everybody. I'm Ratchet here, call me Adrian for short. I started editing on the wiki TODAY, and I'm happy to be here as an editor in this lovely wiki.

Let's all go back around 2011, when I bought a new iPod touch. The retailer downloaded an old version of Angry Birds Seasons, and I tried to play it. It was not so hard to get used to the gameplay. In December of that year, I bought the other Angry Birds games for my iPad 2.

I joined wikia last July 18, 2014 and became an editor of the Stampylongnose Wiki (later became as a chatmod then admin). And since I like Angry Birds so much, I decided to visit this Wiki and edit then.

Hope you all listened to my story and I will copy-paste this story onto my userpage soon. RatchetInTheDino (talk) 06:37, June 1, 2015 (UTC)

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