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  • My occupation is researching the milky way
  • I am an alien
  • RazvyDaGuy

    Hey guys! i suggest a "vision" but with the angry brids characters

    so,if want to join Birdvision,pick any angry birds character,including pigs

    then choose a rovio game of angry birds

    after the final recap is done,you should vote your favorite angry birds game


    It's (Bird) calling!

    1p = 10th favorite game

    2p = 9th favorite game

    3p = 8th favorite game

    4p = 7th favorite game

    5p = 6th favorite game

    6p = 5th favorite game

    7p = 4th favorite game

    8p = 3rd favorite game

    10p = 2nd favorite game

    12p = 1st favorite game

    After voting,the results will be after some days

    and then, if you win,CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    And you must build a stadium for the next Birdvision Game Contest

    with your bird being the host

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