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  • Redbird25

    I,M BACK!

    January 24, 2014 by Redbird25

    HEY GUYS! I,M BACK! Sorry that i haven't work for this wikia for a couple of months becuase my computer is broken for couple of months :( So what did i miss anyway?

    P.S: For those who's been saying that i,ve been hit by the Typhoon Haiyan......Nup...actually...The Typhoon hit the Visayas only and i,m at Luzon,Metro Manila so i,m perfecly fine :)

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  • Redbird25

    The #1 app of all time gets a fun new update! You may be an expert pig popper, but how will you cope with a moving target? One bird stands between the egg and the advancing pig army in the all-new Red’s Mighty Feathers episode. The fearless Red Bird faces wave after wave of Bad Piggies in their crazy contraptions. But wait! He now has some magic feathers from the Mighty Eagle himself – giving Red incredible new powers as he darts toward those pesky pigs at incredible speed!
    Fun new gameplay – the Egg Defender mode gives Red special powers to attack the advancing pigs!
    15 new levels – the latest Red’s Mighty Feathers episode brings fresh new challenges!
    73 crazy pig contraptions – wave after wave of Bad Piggies edging closer in their wacky mac…

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  • Redbird25

    Sad News :'( I,m going to quit the Angry Birds Franchise when school starts this june.....the real reason why i,m going to quit is because that alot of my friends and family said that i,m too old for Angry Birds and rovio said to me that "Their are no age limits on our games" but i,m not going to accept i still going to watch Toons?...Yes.....but i,m not going to download the episodes....i,m just going to watch it on the internet.Sorry guys...but i,m not going to leave today i,m ganna quit on June's nice being a image unit here...i,m going to miss all of you.. :'(

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  • Redbird25

    LOL! My Facebook friend in indonesia said that on the ANTV Channel.....Instead that Angry Birds Toons will have the episode of True Blue?....They release "Do As I Said!" Episode.

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  • Redbird25

    I Found Some More List of Episodes of Angry Birds Toons i found them at the Fox8 Website.

    It's a special day for one of the Minion Pigs, but do the other Pigs know --‐ or even care?

    The Birds are thrilled when the Eggs start to speak -‐ but who are the hatchlings going to take after?

    It's talent show time in Pig City, but with King Pig as judge the contestants have a lot to be nervous about. 

    Will any of the Birds pluck up the courage to tell Matilda what they really think of her culinary skills?

    A disguised Minion Pig manages to infiltrate the Blues, but will the little Angry Birds fall for his ruse? 

    Matilda tries to teach the Blues how to behave, but will she be as good as her word when the Pigs attack?

    While Red's away, the other Birds think …

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