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    Bird Names

    January 3, 2013 by Rheneas1959

    I have noticed that Terence isn't the only one with a real name. Let's go over the birds' real names.

    Why give blue the names Jay, Jake, and Jim, when [he/they] start out as only one bird? I say he should simply be called blue.

    Sure, Chuck fits him. How much wood could a yellow Chuck chuck if a yellow Chuck could chuck wood? I give Yellow's human name a YES.

    Matilda isn't necessarily what I imagined when I heard the white bird had a name...I say she sounds better as simply the white bird.

    He has several names, apparently: Al, Hal, Boomer. I've always known him as Boomerang Bird or Green Bird. I'll go with Al, though; it fits him.

    I've always known Big Brother Bird as Terence. I'll stick to that.

    Now, it seems like the pink bird should be called …

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