I have noticed that Terence isn't the only one with a real name. Let's go over the birds' real names.


Why give blue the names Jay, Jake, and Jim, when [he/they] start out as only one bird? I say he should simply be called blue.


Sure, Chuck fits him. How much wood could a yellow Chuck chuck if a yellow Chuck could chuck wood? I give Yellow's human name a YES.


Matilda isn't necessarily what I imagined when I heard the white bird had a name...I say she sounds better as simply the white bird.

Green Bird

He has several names, apparently: Al, Hal, Boomer. I've always known him as Boomerang Bird or Green Bird. I'll go with Al, though; it fits him.


I've always known Big Brother Bird as Terence. I'll stick to that.


Now, it seems like the pink bird should be called Bubbles, considering her powers. And Bubbles isn't even a human name. What friends do YOU have whose name is Bubbles? I obviously would rather simply call him "the orange bird."

Pink Bird

Now, as I previously mentioned, I think little pinkie here should be called Bubbles if anyone is. Plus, my sister has called my pink plush "Pinkie" ever since I got her. I ixna the Ellasta.

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