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    Angry Birds World Tour! is a Fan Game about Angry Birds.

    It adds new birds.


    One peaceful day Red Bird was looking at his eggs.Boom! He saw an army of pigs kiddnapping his friends!So he came to help.But his eggs were taken.This means revenge!

    During the game you will save the Birds and eventually go to the Final Boss and fight King Pig.


    Red Bird(Starter)

    Blue Bird(Unlocked after 5 levels)

    Yellow Bird(Unlocked after 10 levels)

    Black Bird(Unlocked after 15 levels)

    White Bird(Unlocked after 20 levels)

    Green Bird(Unlocked after 25 levels)

    Big Red Bird(Unlocked after 35 levels)

    Orange Bird(Unlocked after 50 levels)

    Eagle(Unlocked after 100 levels)

    New Playable Birds:

    Peguin-Hits Pigs and shoots out ice afterward

    Flamingo-Superfast and c…

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