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Hello, Angry Birds Wiki. For those of you who don't know me, I'm Shrev64, an admin here. I hate to be the one posting this, but I'm afraid it was inevitable for me, especially after Slim's leave.

As sad and disappointing as it is, I'm afraid that I am leaving this wiki, most likely permanently. The environment here just doesn't suit me, and there's almost nothing I can do about it. Wiki editing is supposed to be a hobby, at least a fun one, but unfortunately, here it does not seem so for me.

From the moment I made my first edit up to where I am now, I've met and worked with some great people, most notably Slim and Qaz, but I've also ran into some people who I still can't call a friend. This wiki has thrown me situations which has helped me realize that these situations do exist, and have helped broaden my outlook.

I do feel some shame walking away like I am now. I feel as if I have some unfinished business. However, due to my feelings here, they'll stay unfinished. I wish I didn't have to leave at a time when one of our very best, Slim, left due the attitude here, but I have no choice. I want editing to be my hobby, not something where I must fight everyday. For that reason, I am conducting my leave.

Fear not, I am not leaving Wikia. I will still be a heavy user on the Sly Cooper Wiki, the Mega Jump Wiki, and this wiki's newest affiliate, the Jetpack Joyride Wiki. Also, I have left the fate of this wiki in the new bureaucrat, User:Qazqaz555, and the new sysops, User:DoctorOmega and User:Brendan_The_Bomb_Bird. I wish them all the best with this wiki.

I'd like to end by listing a few people who have made my experience on this wiki enjoyable:

Thank you guys.
Farewell, and good luck to everyone here. Happy Editing. :)

 Shrev64  Talk  Contribs  Master Thief  07:29,4/23/2012 

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