This blog is a "News Update" post.
This blog post pertains to the general news of the Angry Birds Wiki and should be read in order to keep up with this Wiki's Standards.
Hey ABWikians. It's nice to see that a page has been set up to report vandalism. (Special thanks to Star kirby12). Anyways, I appreciate the reception we're getting. We've sure got some watchful eyes on this wiki! But I would like to say some items:
  • When you report vandalism, please, when possible, revert the edits made by the vandal. Just reporting the vandal does not solve the problem. If you do not know how to revert edits, please contact me or another admin.
  • I posted this on the Report Vandalism page, and I will repeat it because of its importance: I will make this clear: one or two bad edits does not make anyone a vandal.
  • Don't go around blaming people without knowing the facts. In other words, if you see a vandal, make sure you know exactly what they edited it, if anyone before them edited, and if they were the ones who actually committed the vandalism. Knowing the facts will help you stay out of unnecessary trouble.

That's all from me. Happy Editing!

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