This blog is a "News Update" post.
This blog post pertains to the general news of the Angry Birds Wiki and should be read in order to keep up with this Wiki's Standards.
Hey Wikians, it's Shrev64 here again. This post is supposed to be a follow-up on my previous post on wiki structure. I've decided that each of the admins take the reigns of some part of the wiki that interests them and work to make it better. I can think of these parts right now:
  • Levels
  • Written Walkthroughs (will be on the Level page)
  • Video Walkthroughs (can be worked on with Written ones)
  • Wiki News (I believe Kirby and I have this part covered)

If you can think of any other sections of interest, please post below with your username if you are keen on working on that part. Also, if you're not an admin, but would like to help, please contact me (Shrev64) on my talk page about what you would like to do, and I'll see what we can do with you. Thanks, and happy editing!

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