This blog is a "News Update" post.
This blog post pertains to the general news of the Angry Birds Wiki and should be read in order to keep up with this Wiki's Standards.
Hey all you Angry Birds! Shrev64 here, and with him are the latest updates to the Angry Birds Wiki Staff!

New Admin

I'd formally like to congratulate Star kirby12 on his promotion to admin! Kirby has been a very avid worker on the wiki here, taking the leadership of the Angry Birds Updates field, and he definitely deserves adminship here! Make sure to leave a comment with your congrats to Kirby, and don't forget to drop by his talk page!

New Bureaucrat

I won't try to go too detailed into this, as I am the one who wrote this blog post...but, I'm very excited. I am now a bureaucrat! I was not at all expecting this, but now that I am a bureaucrat here, I'll try my best to utilize my newfound powers. Of course, I need to give my grateful thanks to Superjustinbros. for promoting me for no apparent reason. Thanks Justin!

That's all for the staff updates! Stay tuned for more news! Happy Editing!

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