Hi guys! Now I know you may not have seen me around here before, so let me introduce myself.

I am SugarPenguin12, a big Angry Birds fan! You can call me Sugar or SP if you want :)

Anyway, today I will be making Angry Bird 'customs'. A 'custom' is a character (for example, Lazer Bird) customized to have items of your choice on it. So here you can request a custom! Just fill out the form below, and send me the pose you want the bird in. Also be prepared to wait at least 1-2 days. Requests may be closed while I am on vacation.

I will notify you if I cannot fit the items, or cannot properly place it.


  • Head:
  • Face:
  • Hand*:
  • Feet:

  • Hand items may be next to them because they don't have hands, how cute!




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