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    Well, 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000001% of the people in this wiki have read my first blog that was about the same thing with this one (the one you're currently reading)  but based on the Angry Birds Movie. So, there you have it:

    Red isn't actually an orphan. His egg was lost before he hatches and the people from the nursery of Bird Island. Then they went to all the houses except for the houses of Mighty Eagle's and Red's Parents's. They where both living in Mighty Eagle Mountain. But as his parents weren't found, he was considered an orphan. Later, he was the first one to realize that the pigs wanted to do something weird, and while he saved 366 eggs with Chuck and Bomb, his budies, he saved the 677th egg, the Blues, on his own. I …

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    Here is a theory about what Red told the birds to do in the Team (Don't write "Which Team?" in the comments! You know what I mean!)

    Red - Leader

    Chuck - Deputy Commander, Achievement Finder, Watcher (AB Space)

    Bomb - Slingshot Director

    The Blues - Business (Fired From This Job)

    Matilda - Anger Manager

    Bubbles - Business (Fired From This Job)

    Terrence - Sitter (Meaning He's Just Sitting)

    Hal - Indigenous Seller

    Stella - Abroad Seller

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    Name Date
    1 Theory About The Angry Bird Family Thursday 21 January, 2016
    2 Angry Birds' Fullnames Friday 22 January, 2016


    Theory About Every Birds Job in the "Angry Birds" Team

    Thursday 28 January, 2016
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    Angry Birds' Fullnames

    January 22, 2016 by SuperMario43
    1. Red Bird
    2. Chuck "Yellow" González-Bird
    3. Bomb "Boom" Explosive-Bird
    4. The Blues
      1. Jay "Jon" Bird
      2. Jake Bird
      3. Jim Bird
    5. Matilda "Mat" Egglayer
    6. Terrence "Terry" Giant
    7. Bubbles Bird
    8. Hal "Al" Bigbeak
    9. Stella DeRose

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    Hi there! Like the title says, there will be a theory about the family of the Angry Birds! Let's Start!

    Red is Red

    Chuck is Red's adoptive brother

    Bomb is Red and Chuck's adoptive brother

    Matilda is Bomb's wife

    The Blues are Bomb and Matilda's kids

    Bubbles is The Blues' little brother

    Hal is a family friend

    Terence is also a family friend

    Stella is Red's girlfriend, even their love is annoying by Chuck that is also in love with her

    Nice! This is copied by my Profile Page! Things like this will go up in my Profile Page and in the Blogs at the same date. Next will be Angry Birds' Fullnames! Bye!

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