This blog is a "News Update" post.
This blog post pertains to the general news of the Angry Birds Wiki and should be read in order to keep up with this Wiki's Standards.

Hello. As the Angry Bird Wiki's newest admin-ranked user, I would like to share some information regarding this Wiki and how it should be organized.

  • This Wiki should be ran the same way as Wikipedia, or any other professional-ranked Wiki. As a guy that has been contributing to Wikis for so long, I am very well aware of how a Wiki works, and how it should be monitored. No misspellings or punctuation errors, no fanmade content or photos on pages, and no "all caps" messages.
  • Everything should be clean and well-organized. Articles like Theme 1-1 and Red Bird illustrate how an article of any content should be written, using the same templates for the characters and levels.
  • Make sure all edits are official and correct, backed up with the appropriate images. Honestly, I've seen so much false content on this Wiki, like users being convinced that there was an episode of Angry Birds Rio titled Nigel and the Eggs, which has never been announced or revealed by Rovio in any form. Plus, birds not pigs isn't an appropiate article title for the Birds article.
  • Keep all Rio/Angry Birds Rio edits on appropriate pages. Remember, this is not the Rio Wiki. This is the Wiki all about Angry Birds, not the story of two macaws and their bird friends escaping from some nasty parrot and some stupid brain-dead monkeys. All content related to tis crossover title should be kept on Angry Birds Rio, Rio Characters, and List of Angry Birds Rio Levels. Any attempts of trying to create a separate article for each of the Rio characters will be followed by a re-direct leading to the appropriate section(s) on the Rio Characters article.

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