I have a new bird that could be introduced in Angry Birds Space. He is called the Alien Bird. Don't post bad comments about my drawing I know it is is bad.
Alien Bird
General Info
Powers Abduction (picks up a pig and disinigrates it)
First Level Appearance: Level 5 of Gas Planet (A planet I made up)
Gender: Male
Species: E.T. Bird
Locations: Angry Birds Space
Strength: Medium
Size: Regular

Story on why he is angry

He was sitting on Jupiter and he sees a metal machine (which is being operated by the Helmet Pig) and he comes down and steals his egg. He just sits there wondering what to do. Until he sees a slingshot. He shoots after the Helmet Pig and misses and hits the Ice Bird. The Ice Bird turns around and sees that it is his friend.


His egg (This E.T. bird's eggs have eyes before they hatch)


Alien Bird will fly with his best friend Ice Bird (like Blu and Jewel) but later on in the game he will fly alone. Ice Bird and Alien Bird's power will have them freeze a pig and then pick it up and disinigrate it.

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