Release Date: Unknown
Levels: 45
Episode No.: 10
Previous Episode: Sun
Next Episode: N/A
Game(s): Angry Birds Space
The new suprise planet is SOMETHING and it is a very special episode because it is the last in Angry Birds Space and it also has environment changing levels. It starts out in orbit. Then as you continue throughout each level it gets closer to the ground. The last level it is on the floor and you battle the pigs like you used to except with the birds from space because they didn't go through the portal they just fell onto SOMETHING. It will have every bird in order from when they were released. Red Bird first Lazer Bird next Blue Bird next White Bird next Boomerang next Terence next Ice Bird next and Alien Bird next. The pigs are in bubbles floating and King Pig is in the biggest contraption EVER!
King Pig HUGE Contraption

All the circles inside the circles are pigs guarding the king pig. You will have to destroy him leg by leg then he will fall down and explode.

I will tell you when I get 10 guesses and I will allow the winners to be admins on my wikis and will get to decorate my home page however they want it. (If you humiliate me on my home page I will remove admin rights from you and will delete everything you put on my homepage). There will be clues throughout the wiki.

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