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  • TheCuteDolphin

    Rovio just announced in their Facebook Page that there will be a new game on July 15 with LOTS OF NEW FEATURES! And i think Lard Vader is IN it! 

    And...[Vader Voice] Behold! The image behind the Vader Mask! It's also a Red! In Tatooine!

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  • TheCuteDolphin

    Hey Guys! I've made a facebook page called "Piggy Contraptions!" It's still growing and has 201 Likes, if you want, you can help me by liking the page and submitting you crazy contraptions! I currently have 2 Moderators, Help Wanted: An Insights Analyst! 

    Here's the link:

    The page has crazy contraptions, serious posts, craaaaaazzzy videos and more! Like Now! 

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