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600 EDITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'VE GOT 600 EDITS! So much has passed, really. Some edits were useless, mabye, but I feel as if I tried my best. I try to improve how I act and edit now. I don't try to make useless edits, really. I seriouslly am tied to Angry Birds, and I wish Rovio was here for this. I'm not trying to act spoiled, but I wish that they were here to see what I acomplished. To see what big fan did what he could. I thank King Pig, (Angry Bird Piggy) for being there for me as a best friend, always being at my side no matter what. I thank Angry Hearts, for she was kind and generous to me and we went a long way together. I also thank Brendan for introducing me to the Angry Birds Wiki and look who I am now. Lastly, I thank Qaz for improving my behavior and tolerating me and accepting me as a part of this wiki, even when I was at my worst attitude.

To the Rest of you all, I think you all are winners and you always be.

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