Here are all my responses to each Angry Bird Toon episodes!

Chuck Time

Overall, the episode was fine and fit the bird's personalities. However, Chuck's speed is nothing like it is in the game. Apparentlly, he can do so many things while Red is falling from a clifff, but in the game? Well, not so much. Another thing. Red is very strict in the episode and does not tolerate any nonsense, but Chuck is the complete opposite. Besides, why couldn't Red try lugging a slingshot to the top of a mountain? (Not like he would be able to, anyway.) Overall, I would rate this episode 7/10.

Where's my Crown?

Where's my Crown? was a great way to introduce the pigs. It was quite humorous in a friendly matter, but there was only just two things I saw that was a little strange. The pigs were way to strict when it came to punishment, which was very unlikely of them. Also, how could they not have relized king pig because of his appearance? He stands out in front of the ten million thousand piggies in the game, but for some reason the other pigs reconize each other. Overall, I would rate this episode 8/10. Much more characters and improvement that Chuck time, which only consisted of 2 birds.

Full Metal Chuck

Full Metal Chuck was quite different from Chuck Time. Chuck was a awful lot more like Red, less clumsy and carefree. The Blues were also quite done wrong. How could they go faster than Chuck could, especialy if Chuck's the fastest bird? I really think the people that make this should play the game more often. Overall,  I would rate this episode 8/10.

Another Birthday

This is where the pigs seem actually pretty nice and harmless. I think This was a pretty good episode, and a lot more different than Where's my Crown?. When King Pig was eating that birthday cake, I couldn't help but throw my king pig plush all around the room and cursing at him. ' _ ' At the end of the episode, I actually thought that the pigs were okay, which was pretty suprising, considering the every last pig I miss that smiles at me, I go beserk. Overall, I would rate this episode a whoping 9.5/10.

Egg Sounds

This is basicly the bird version of Where's my Crown?. If the bird's don't even know what sounds the birds make, than I don't even know how they stand if a pig comes over and tricks the birds. Overall, i'd be rating such an episode a 6.5/10.

Pig Talent

Pig Talent was a pretty pointless episode, because if that pig won by making a mistake, he doesn't deserve to win. Also, King Pig wass pretty rude and gives a harsh punishment. I mean, falling into a hole? Also, I think the second contestant that imitaded King Pig was pretty, well, I don't know. If he was going to participate, he should at least take things seriously. I would rate this 6.5/10. Pretty pointless, like Egg Sounds.

Corbin Bluegh!

Corbin Bluegh! was actually a pretty good episode, but the stuff Matilda makes looks like the stuff King Pig eats. :P Also, why would the birds not eat it if Red didn't like it? I mean, everyone has different tastes. Also, if a FLY died from smelling it, why would the pigs like it? I would rate this 8/10. Getting better.

True Blue

For some reason, I feel that I try to hate the episodes. But I can't really deny that this episode was not that good. I found it funny that the pigs thought that the birds were that dumb enough to fall for a trick like that. I mean, nobody in the world, not even an idiot would fall for that. This shows that the pigs are pretty stupid and have a lack of intellegince. Also, did you notice the hidden picture? When the Blues were diving, one was wearing a cap with a rovio sign. Another was wearing a cap with the flag of Finland on it. I would rate this episode 9/10.

Do as I Say!

This was just child cruelty. How could Matilda scold the Blues for just tring to have fun? I mean, kids can be kids, right? Matilda was the more immature one during this episode, which really annoyed me. I would rate this episode 7/10.

Off Duty

Off Duty was so crazy. It was probable that if Red had let the entire flock take shifts, mabye all of them wouldn't have been so careless. Also, they should just have put Terrence right on the spot where Red was sitting. The Pigs would cower in fear, and wouldn't get too close, I mean, right?? Also, I laughed like crazy when Matilda yelled for the birds to get over here, and when Bomb threw his ice cream cone onto Blue Jay's head and Blue Jay was happening to use a pencil as a sword. The thing that bothered me most is how fast the birds are. I don't like how fast Red was in this episode, and how fast Matilda was in Do As I Say!. Their speeds are comparable to Chuck in the game. Overall, I would rate this episode 8.5/10.

Slingshot 101

Honestly, this episode showed the Blues can be brutal and actually care for the eggs when they get stolen, and can have fun in the same time. I guess it's because the eggs got stolen so many times that the birds except Red got bored of protecting them. I mean, makes sense, right? I also liked the fact of how Red acted of a father figure to the Blues at the end. I wish he'd act more like this. Overall, I rate 9.3/10

Thunder Chuck

Seroiusly, Chuck needs to get a grip of himself. Can't he seem to notice that all the noise is coming from behind him in the bush over there? (Ahem, ahem.) Rather hypocritical that in Chuck Time, he got struck by lightning and his headband appeared. I mean, seriously. I have nothing much to say about it, so i'd rate at 6.6/10.

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