In a surprise announcement this morning, Rovio will be launching a new app on Android and ios: Angry Birds Friends. You heard right!

Rovio is at last fulfilling the wishes of its fan base. Read more about this here: Why Can’t Rovio Create This Mobile App: Angry Birds Tournament ?.

As with the browser-based version of the game, users will be able to take part in weekly tournaments against their Facebook friends in a bid to claim bronze, silver or gold ranking for each level. You can also send powerups to friends (perhaps if you pity their poor performance and want to give them a chance to match your bird-flinging skills) and there’s the option to brag on Facebook about your successes within the game.

No word on exactly when we can expect Angry Birds Friends to land on mobile, but if you’re curious and haven’t played it previously you can check it out on Facebook to get an idea of what it’s like.

  • You will be able to compete against Facebook Friends across platforms. No word yet if that will include players of the web-based app. That could be awesome.
  • The format should be the same: 6 weekly levels
  • Power Ups: Daily Rewards, Gifts should be part of it.
  • It is unclear wether the unique episodes, such as Pigini Beach, will be included.

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