I know it's late, but some of you may have not known that the new update, Market Mayhem, is out now! Chase the evil marmosets out of the 30 new levels and defeat Mauro...for the second time. Market Mayhem (v1.6.0) has just landed for iOS and Android via Google Play, with more platforms coming soon!

  • 30 new levels set in warehouses and Brazilian market places! This is the full episode, which is another nice surprise!
  • 4 new bonus levels: Three unlocked by earning certain number of stars, and one more unlocked by earning 10 feathers.
  • 15 new fruit! Keep your eyes peeled for those labels to uncover all the golden strawberries scattered around.
  • 1 new iOS[1]achievement. Note that this achievement is currently bugged and unlocks very early in the episode, instead of completing the episode.
  • Still no distinction on Power Up scores, unfortunately.

​For more info, visit the link below guiding you to Angry Birds Nest!

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