The next update for Angry Birds Seasons (Episode 16) will be a springtime episode, and is expected to be extremely festive. (Sorry to those of you in the southern hemisphere, but perhaps you can think fondly of this past Spring and all the fun times you had.) Also, according to Rovio, there will be some “pretty interesting trick shots” in this episode as well.

It seems like the general theme will focus around those oh-so-pleasant spring nights. Based on the astronomy calander, it looks like April and May will be pretty busy in the night sky. Items of interest include Astronomy Day (April 20th), two meteor showers (April 21st / 22nd and May 4th / 5th), a partial lunar eclipse (April 25th), and an annular solar eclipse (May 10th).

So, a nighttime spring theme is one guess, but why does it look like the text is getting pulled into a ginormous black hole? Will the birds be sucked in and transported to another dimension? Also, notice how the image is also washed out / heavily saturated. This is not the typical Rovio style. Maybe it was done that way on purpose, or maybe not. Either way, my head is spinning as to the possibilities.

Lastly, we also shouldn’t forget about Summer Pignic. It obviously had a warm summer theme and contained lots of outlandish levels. It was “advent calendar”-style though, so maybe the forthcoming update will be similar.

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