In this new update, getting those piggies, wether snow or sun, will be much easier! The flurry of Angry Birds updates continues, as Angry Birds Seasons gets eight new levels and Power-ups. This update, which takes us to v3.2.0 is out for iOS and Android via Google Play, with more platforms coming soon! Read on for more info about the new levels and the all new Homing Bird Power-Up.

  • All new Homing Bird Power-up! Per Rovio, “This hog-seeking hero will head with missile force for the first pig ot his radar!”
  • Mighty Eagle now available for Android via Google Play! Android users rejoice, the famed Mighty Eagle is now available for Android as an in-app purchase. The model hasn’t changed either, as it’s buy once, unlimited use. Definitely a great value. 
  • No distinction on Power-Up scores, unfortunately.

Visit the link to Angry Birds Nest below for more information on the new update!

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