For all the Facebook players, the Rebellion has returned to destroy the Death Star! The decision must be made now: Join the Rebellion or defend the Empire. The update, which includes the final 20 levels of Death Star, also brings a new twist to the Weekly Tournament. And for those looking to catch some videos, the app now has Angry Birds Toons access.

Rovio has listened to the feedback about Crystals and has basically slashed prices in half and doubled usage.

  • Storage bumped to 15 crystals! Previously this was capped at 5 I believe, so that’s a huge improvement.
  • Refill time slashed to 6 minutes! Previously this was 12 minutes, so that’s a quick half.
  • Tourney costs 1 crystal per try. This is the same, with one small tweak. Even if you pass a level, the next try (be it replay or the next level) still costs a crystal.
  • More frequent gifting! Previously you could send gifts once per 24 hours. We aren’t sure yet how frequently you can send now, but I would guess the time has been halved to 12 hours?
  • Already purchase crystals? You get 50 free!
  • Purchasing quantities doubled! If you’re still looking to purchase crystal packs, the bundles have doubled in size for the same price!

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