So upon first laying eyes on THIS monstrosity:

ABStella Discontinued2

WHAT was Rovio THINKING???? Personally, Angry Birds Stella is one of the BEST Angry Bird games out there. There's the beautiful lush graphics, the unlimited levels, the perky likable new characters, NO. Stella Pop isn't even Stella Pop anymore. POPPY, LUCA, WILLOW, DAHLIA AND GALE are HOMELESS. THAT'S WHAT IT IS!

ROVIO, THIS MEANS WAR! *burns house down* HAHAHA

No, just kidding. And yes, this IS Boomerang. And no, I do remember that there is a "no caps policy", but you guys can do the same thing and let your feelings out over this monstrosity. *clears throat* AHEM.

So as most of you know, Rovio has decided to DISCONTINUE (sorry, sorry) Angry Birds Stella and this is just a - wow. No, we Birdians will not accept that as an answer. AM I RIGHT, WIKIANS?! AT THE DAWN OF TOMORROW WE WILL STRIKE!

  • clears throat* sorry, again. So we may not do that, so saying I may not do that, but not saying you guys won't...

I guess all we can do now is...


I don't even care who spams that "YES"! button JUST SPAM THE BUTTON! BRING BACK ANGRY BIRDS STELLA!

-insert stella theme song here-

  • bah buh bum be bum bah bum*


So pretty much what i'm saying is,

Vote YES!


The poll was created at 22:03 on July 15, 2015, and so far 92 people voted.

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