In the comments section below, please telll me the name of the bird and what week (ex. April 14-20) or your vote will not be counted by the end of the week. If you are contributing in all the votes, please put the name of all the birds you are voting for.

April 14-20

Birds Number of Votes



The Blues

Chuck 1
Bomb 1
Matilda 1
Al 1
Terrence 2
Bubbles 0
Stella 0
Mighty Creatures Number of Votes
Mighty Eagle  4
Mighty Dragon 2
Mighty Philidalphia Eagle 0
Space Eagle 0
Milumenum Falcon 0

Unplayable Birds Number of Votes
Female Red Bird 3
Female White Bird 0
Hockey Bird 0
Developer Birds 0
Striped Bird 1
Skunk Bird 1
Freddie Mercury 0

April 21-27

Birds Number of Votes
Mighty Creatures Number of Votes
Mighty Eagle
Mighty Dragon
Unplayable Birds  Number of Votes
Female Red Bird
Striped Bird
Skunk Bird
Bad Piggies Number of Votes
Chef Pig
Chronicler Pig
Corporal Pig
Professer Pig
Foreman Pig
Minion Pig
King Pig
Bad Piggies Game Number of Votes
Freckeld Pig
Mechanic PIg

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