Hello Wikians!

This is just an update on the official format the wiki is going to follow for Characters.

Here is the format:

[Picture of character and character name in full size, covers top of the page]

Notable quotes if possible. (Only if official)

[Template here (Infobox character 2)] General information about the character.


Describe the character's appearance here.


Personal Data

  • Name: (Insert Name)
  • Known Aliases: (Nicknames, must be official)
  • Group Affliation: (Which flock/group the character belongs to)
  • Best Friends: (Friends, self explanitory)
  • Possible Family: (ONLY if there is a lot of evidence or comfirmed official)
  • Voiced By: (ONLY if the character appears in animation and speaks)


Describe the character's ability here.


Describe the character's personality here.

(Insert name)'s description from the Angry Birds Website :

If the character has a description, put one here.


Main Article: Character's First Appearance

Describe the character's first appearance.

Main Article: Character's Second Appearance

You can add the character's first, second, third, fourth, anything. Keep it in order of release.


Describe the character's feelings towards other characters.


(Insert Name) has appeared in the following media.


  • List the appearances.


  • List the appearances.

Toons Episodes

  • (if they appear in toons)


Create a slideshow. Fill it with pictures. (We won't do seperate gallerys anmore.)

You can seperate it by the following categories:

  • In-Game Pictures
  • Animation Pictures
  • Merchandise Pictures
  • Character Pictures
  • Miscelanious


  • Add interesting facts about the character here. (Don't put random stuff like, "This is the first character that has cried".)

Put a template here for the other characters in that bird's flock.

That's the model, use it for all the characters in the wiki.

If you want to use it for a different wiki, or adapt it for a different wiki, you must ask and then credit us.

The Boomerang 18:10, November 28, 2015 (UTC)The Boomerang

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