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Leaving, May Possibly Be Temporary

First off, this may not be permenant so don't go nuts. Okay, so I feel Angry Birds has gone too far as a hobby for me, and I want to focus on things that are more better off at my age. I am really intested in Teltale's The Walking Dead (If you're older than 17, you can check it out) and I want to go nerd off that instead of this. I lost intrest in Angry Birds overall, and want to do something more mature my age. You can contact me on the Walking Dead Wikia, but please not that's not a place for young people to go on.

Overall, this may be goodbye, so... :/ Keep editing hard.

UPDATE: Okay, so I thought a lot about it, and I finally decided to stay, but be less active overall. I will also edit on diffrent wikis as well, so you may not see me all the time.

It's better than leaving, and plus, I don't want vandalism to slip away without me, so i'm staying, but i'm going to be less active.

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