Hey there, fellow Wikians!

As November 1st, I want to start updating the wiki (monthly, as from the title) on events during the past month. Since halloween is over, we changed the deathly background into a hip-happy cheery Angry Birds 2 landscape.

We also changed the top of all pages to red for well, Red's "angry" color (he's angry all the time!) and green on links for the villainous pigs. It wouldn't be "Angry Birds", after all, without the pigs. It would just be... "Birds".

Because of the ever so popular "Made Up Classes thread" by Thinklogic (who does not currently have a profile), we'll have a new fourm monthly for that particular topic.

As of the new light-brownish background when reading articles, that's because white was getting old. Sorry.

I also want to announce we'll be starting...


I'm not going to do one in just this blog because all of you didn't know, but whoever I think does the most exceptional work and outstanding edits will become "User of the Month". No staff members, though. Don't want to start favoritism. :(

We also need a new wiki logo. The old chrome sprites are... well, old. I've decided the community should design their own logo, so... CONTEST DESIGN! Create a new hip logo for the Angry Birds Wiki! (Use Toons or Cartoon pictures) If you wonder what I mean by cartoon, look at Angry Birds 2 sprites.

That's all for now, and thank you!

The Boomerang 23:02, November 1, 2015 (UTC)The Boomerang

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