Hello WIkians, and welcome to another blog about the Angry Birds Movie!

Don't worry. No more movie hate.

Because they didn't exclude out characters this time! And feet and wings? Well, i've gotten used to them and expect others to as well. It's amazing how Rovio listened to the fans because nobody was left out! There's Bubbles, and HAL (YAY!!!) and even that creepy owl guy in the background. Don't know who that is but... yeah. It seems to be that there's some sort of spaceship thing on the right. With a snout sign. That can only mean Bad Piggies...obviously. 
And the screen with the pigs...

The minion pig looks adorably adorable and good thing they're standing on 2 feet. 4 legs would have been awkward.

And the beard guy. Don't recognize him. Could be a completely new character, or just Foreman Pig. Or maybe even corporal. Who knows?

And look! TNT! 

One detail overlooked: In Collector's Edition of the Angry Birds Comic #1, it says they gathered the flock by sending scrolls into the sea. Kinda confusing, as the comic explains thats how  Bubbles was an edition to the flock. Yet he's in the scene... weird.

And it is also confirmed that the Angry Birds Movie is an explanation of how the Birds became the Flock, which just means that this movie is a prequal. Also explains all those funny looking birds we've never seen before.

This final still is pretty vauge, except that we can see a house in the background. Likely a pig house, as it rougly resembles ones seen in toons, and also has a hole punched through it... obviously birds were not happy.

And Red and Chuck seem to be staring at something in awe... probably the pigs up to something again. Chuck is whispering something to Red, and Bomb can be seen to the left of them. So it's obvious that Red, Chuck, and Bomb are main characters, which can be expected because they've always been throughout the series.

I don't see any sign of Luca, Poppy, Willow, Dahlia, or Gale, which is pretty sad because their appearance would have been awesome. I really hope they appear later on... maybe explain how Stella got to Golden Island as a sub-story?

That's all I have for now, stay tuned for more Angry Birds Movie News!

UPDATE! UPDATE! MAYDAY MAYDAY!: OH NO!!! the BLUES aren't in any of the pictures! ROVIO better not have excluded them from this movie!!!

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